Why do men like to have sex with bigass women?

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It is a common phenomenon that men love big butts and have a soft spot for women with big butts. Whether from a biological point of view or the happiness of sex life, a woman with a big butt can bring a pleasant psychological feeling to a man.

bigass sex doll

Why do men like to have sex with bigass women or bigass sexdoll? There are the following reasons:

1. Big butt can effectively activate the male brain and significantly increase the excitement of men

2. The soft touch and sexy curves of the butt make men easily sexually aroused.

3. Bigass can try more sex positions and get more diverse sex experiences.


1. Men love big butts, just looking at them turns them on.

They like a big and round ass just because they were born that way!

Biological evolutionary history tells us that bigass represents a reduced risk of injury and a more remarkable ability to conceive in women. And these two characteristics were highly competitive in ancient times.

bigass torso

Evolved into modern society, although these two parameters are of little significance, the degree of male preference for butt will not be reduced.

Bigass activates reward mechanisms in male brains.

According to a study by Charles, seeing a bigass woman has a rewarding effect on a man's brain. In the same photo of a beautiful woman with a prominent butt figure, men’s brains are scanned, and the pleasure mechanism related to rewards in their brains will be activated.

sexy big butt women

And this is related to the curvy hourglass figure. Men naturally find that a sexy butt is suitable for their organs. 

2. Soft, round big ass, and beautiful buttock curves are sexy feminine characteristics essential for orgasm!

A soft butt that soothes the stress of the day!

No one can resist this soft touch! If that's how the girl you love comforts you, what stress can't be released? No one could take their eyes off her if she swayed to the beat.

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Squeeze her, pat her, or suck her tender skin, and you'll surrender all you want to spend the night with her. This is the unique beauty of women except for breasts. For those bigass fans, beautiful butt curves will be more attractive than breasts.

Bigass is the sexiest female feature, especially when wearing jeans!

Men like sexy women, exceedingly Soft and Sweet sexy women. And that's why ass girls are so popular. This allows them to demonstrate their unique masculine characteristics, solid muscles thoroughly, and bouncy ass from an intense collision. This is the most primitive sex pleasure! 

Many men prefer a big butt over skinny jeans. They believe tight jeans can show ass's sexy curves to the greatest extent. The woman sits and drives her buttocks to vibrate when she walks.

sexy girl with jean

Just looking at it is very satisfying! A woman can wear a low-cut dress that shows her cleavage and makes people admire her sex appeal. But a huge ass only needs simple jeans; let people imagine the sexiness under the pants, which is even crazier!

3. Bigass allows you to experience a happier Doggy style, the perfect combination of softness and firmness!

Most couples will start as missionaries, but once they try doggy style, there is absolutely no way they can resist the temptation! And she can make you happier when you are late.

doggy bigass sex doll

Your brutal dildo penetrates deep into her ass while you enjoy a stimulating visual experience. Girls will be more comfortable in bed, and all the sex positions you envision can be realized. Women with big buttocks look sexier from behind!


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Of course, if you see a beautiful big, butt woman on the street. It's hard to know what it's like to have sex with her, but this bigass sex doll will satisfy your desires as long as her plump buttocks tempt you.

bigass sex doll

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