The first time buy a sex doll torso, choose a supplier, Amazon or AliExpress?


If you are considering buying your first sex doll torso, buying from a reliable sex doll supplier will be your best choice. Both Amazon and AliExpress will make your purchase risky.

sex doll torso

What are the disadvantages of buying a sex doll torso on Amazon?

1. The return policies of different sex doll torso stores hardly guarantee a full refund of your money.

2. Some famous manufacturers do not authorize many sex doll torsos stores on Amazon.

3. The actual sex doll torso purchased by the user is not the same product as the one sold by the store.



Some Amazon's sex doll torsos return policy completely violates the user's rights!

Users buy sex doll torsos on Amazon; most importantly, you cannot guarantee you'll get your money back! Sex dolls are not conventional goods; if you need to return or exchange them, you must prove that you have not used them. And with most Amazon stores they will go out of their way to make you ignore the return policy.


package box

Most stores have their return policy on the last page of the product description, mixed in with the TIPS. If you look closely, you will find it written more than 12 hours after signing for the product, it is considered to have been used and will not be returned.

There are even some stores will, more than 6 hours after signing for the product, cannot be returned or exchanged.

 return policy

These policies protect the seller's interests without considering the user's rights. If there is a delay in signing for something, even if there is a quality problem, the user cannot make a return or exchange.

Most stores do not have detailed rules to assess whether the torso doll has been used. You do not need to prove whether the torso has been used because the seller’s policy anticipates in advance that you have used it.

credit card

Such unreasonable terms and conditions are the main reason why most users do not choose to buy from Amazon. When you encounter such terms, the moment you pay for them, you have no chance to ask for them back.


The famous factories do not authorize some sex doll stores on Amazon!

Many users buy sex torsos on Amazon stores because they're just too cheap! When you go to any of the stores, you will see that it is a sex doll torso designed by the factory from the store itself. But they can't show you the actual factory picture, only an incomplete picture of the product.


sex doll torso

90% of the factories of sex doll torsos are in China, which contains some shoddy manufacturers who do not master the core technology. The manufacturers who master the core technology will start from the design diagram of the torso and keep innovating to give the user the best and most realistic sex experience.

Some fake factories, on the other hand, can only use cheap materials and use other people's designs. At the same time to ensure that their counterfeit dolls can be sold, the price is their only advantage.

You can buy a sexual torso at a low price, but its quality is not guaranteed. When you finally get a sex doll torso purchased from Amazon, this will be your only problem.


The doll I purchased, how come it's different from what I saw in the store?

The size of the sex doll will be completely different from what you think!

Under every sex torso customer review, the feedback often appears this is smaller than I thought. The size issue is the most frequent problem with buying sex dolls online.

It's hard for users to focus on the actual size because all the sex doll pictures are enlarged to the point where you think this is the same size as the real thing.

bigass sex doll

90% of stores directly label sex dolls with their length, hip and chest circumference, etc. These are too difficult for users, no one shops with a ruler all the time! If they had pictures or videos with sex dolls and real people together, this would be more useful to consumers.

But very few stores on Amazon have such videos or photos because they haven't touched these sex torsos!

Sex doll torsos with skin, boobs, and vagina hardly meet your needs!

Not only is she injured, but she's getting dirty!

There's a good chance you'll receive an injured sex torso. She may have been injured during the production process, so the skin on the exterior will have some abnormal protrusions when you touch it.

It is possible that she was damaged during shipping or even that you received this sex doll with deep wounds. And the first thing to do to solve these problems is to prove that it's not your fault. But according to their policy, this will be a complicated process.


dirty spot

Some users will also find that the sex dolls they purchased have hard-to-remove powders and stains. It could be that someone stepped on it, or it was improperly stored in the warehouse, and these stains are hard for you to clean off.

Her vagina is too loose!

Another keyword that appears more frequently in Amazon's user reviews is - too loose! Although sex dolls now have vaginas in the torso, the problem is that their vagina is not tight enough. Here is the real vagina and anal!

real vagina and anal

This can drastically affect your sexual experience! Some stores are vague about the data related to the depth of the vagina. These are essential data and a missing part of the Amazon store.

Are her boobs hard?

When I selected a specific sex doll torso on Amazon, I saw that one user gave this torso a 5 out of 5. But his comment was: I am delighted with this torso; her boobs are solid.

If this user is new to sex torsos, I have to say that these stores influence the development of sex torsos. High-quality sex doll torsos boobs can never be hard!

Although they are torsos, good manufacturers design different real boobs, such as solid boobs and gel boobs. Both breasts are soft to the touch, the same as natural boobs. The gel chest is much more delicate to the touch; you can easily pat her chest and can see the vibration of chest. Now that's a real quality sex doll torso!

big boob sex doll

These are the main risks you will encounter when buying a sex doll torso on Amazon. There are all the other risks, such as long shipping times and customer service not responding to messages promptly.

But Amazon can at least prove that you are buying a sex toy, and if you choose AliExpress, you will encounter more severe problems.

Buying a sex torso on AliExpress, in addition to the same risks you would face with Amazon.

What are the other disadvantages of buying sex doll torsos on AliExpress?

1.  Aliexpress policy is very restrictive on sex doll torso, you cannot directly search for this product.

2. Some stores sell sex doll torsos that are display samples and cannot be used on AliExpress.

It is challenging to search for what you want with sex torsos on AliExpress.

AliExpress is a product of Alibaba Group, w Chinese platform with many policy restrictions. If you search directly for sex doll torso or sex torso in the search box, what comes up is a mix of adult products from many categories. You will need help finding the torso doll you want quickly.

 search image

The sex torso products displayed on the Quick Sale have blurry pictures and are covered with key content. Because this platform has a stringent policy on sex dolls, essential parts (vagina, anal, nip, and dildo) must be covered. You will need to contact customer service to see naked pictures of these torso dolls.

You may get a sample that you can see but not use!

In AliExpress, some stores will claim to sell products like those in the pictures. But when you receive it, you will find that there is no vagina or no anal. You want a refund, but customer service will tell you that this is the product you Order, but it is a sample on display.

That sounds like a ridiculous answer, but this platform will only protect the seller, so your return request will be denied. If you keep pulling the plug, they will compensate you for a portion of your money as hush money and want it all back, which I haven't seen anyone do successfully.

good sex doll torso

Find an independent sex doll vendor; that’s the most efficient way to go! If you find a reliable sex doll vendor to buy sex doll torsos, there will be the following benefits.

1. The store has a comprehensive return policy to protect consumer rights.

2. You can better see the lifelike sex doll torso to find the most suitable for their own that she!

3. Independent sex doll vendor allows adults over 18 to browse; you can see these sexy dolls in their entirety!

4. 24 hours a day, there is live customer service to answer all your questions.


sex doll factory

Linkdolls is dedicated to providing users with the most realistic and high-quality sex doll torsos for the least amount of money! We can meet all your needs for your sex doll torso-buying trip!

Linkdolls has a reasonable return and exchange policy for a worry-free purchase!

Dolls are not like ordinary merchandise and have a certain level of privacy. But we still have a complete return policy with live customer service online 24 hours a day. If you have any questions about the doll, you can ask.

Linkdolls return policy

Send us an email for all pre-sales and post-sales questions, and we'll help you. Also, we support multiple payment methods and do not support private transfers to keep your money safe.

Linkdolls has pictures and videos taken by real people to present you with the most real her!

Our dolls are equipped with videos, and photos were taken by real people, 360 degrees without any dead angle, for you to see every detail of the beauty. What you see is what you get your hands on!

lifesized sex doll torso

At the same time, our sex doll torso has a life-size as a reference, so you know the size of the doll in the most intuitive way. If you want more details about the design of the sex doll torso, you are welcome to contact us by email or customer service!


Linkdolls has undergone several qualification tests and is an officially authorized sex doll torso supplier!

How to quickly identify if a supplier is authentic and trustworthy. Linkdolls has official supplier certificates issued by several well-known doll manufacturers and is a Gold Supplier by Doll Forum, so you don't need to doubt our authenticity!

Linkdolls in the doll forum

Buying sex doll torsos online is undoubtedly the most privacy-protective and fastest way to go. When you buy sex torsos at a lower price and a higher risk on Amazon or AliExpress, be prepared for less-than-satisfactory results.

qualification of Linkdolls

Linkdolls only focuses on real sex torsos, and we spend much time visiting different factories to select the best quality dolls that are worth the price. Everyone will have an additional choice with higher risk vs. higher quality and guarantee. I hope you don't regret your choice!

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