Men are most interested in these 8 penis facts


Recall how your physiology instructor introduced you to penises? Did he just show you how to put on a condom correctly? But is it really what you want to know? If your only interest is in understanding how the penis functions. This post will truly help you understand the knowledge about the penis and clear up any long-standing questions you may have regarding when the penis should rest and what penis erection means.



Erection-like sensation

Whenever you have an erection, how do you typically feel? Do you think your penis is engorged, sensitive, and swollen? This is because when you become sexually excited, your blood fills your penis quickly, making your penises penis erect hard. Have you ever experienced the awkward experience of experiencing this kind of sexual desire when you are eating or in class? An erection feels like the penis becoming sensitive and full once it hardens, which makes you feel pretty proud.


You should regularly exercise your penis

Are you frequently in erection? If your penis wakes up with you every morning, it is still your loving buddy and is in excellent health. However, you should take notice if you discover that your penis hasn't grown on its own in a while and you haven't used it.

It's time to wake up your sleeping spouse; he needs to exercise appropriately just as you do. If you don't take action to maintain your erection, your partner's penis may become shorter, less elastic, or possibly develop erectile dysfunction. Remember to wake up your penis frequently to get some simple exercise for its health. Like using it with your partner or getting a torso doll to assist.


Vulnerably located penis

Many people have always thought that the end of the penis is the most peaceful place. Thus they will attempt to insert their penis more plunging into the other person's body during sex or oral sex. In actuality, the sensitive region for most men is the head of the penis. The two sides of the penis, the bottom of the glans, the left and right sides of the glans, the upper side of the penis, and the upper side of the glans are the most sensitive.

The foreskin, which is only present in a small percentage of males, is also one of the sensitive places that might cause an orgasm. Therefore, it is not true that the more profound the penetration section, at least

Can the penis burst?

Many people are concerned that their penis will suddenly break, especially during passionate intercourse. It's understandable to be worried about this, but don't fret—since your penis is boneless, a penile fracture won't happen. Fractures can also occur, and your penis is in excruciating discomfort in those rare instances.

male sex doll torso


Doctors claim that two blood-filled cylinders work together to give you an erection; if one breaks, a fracture develops. Don't bend your penis abruptly or excessively; instead, try to recall the last time it took a bump or blow that you couldn't manage.


The penis's sensitivity

Is there a loss in sexual ability? The response dates back 25 years. At the age of 25, your penis sensitivity starts to decrease and continues to decrease with age. Your penis sensitivity reaches its lowest point between the ages of 65 and 75, yet you don't entirely lose the ability to the erection. Proper exercise can also increase your penis's sensitivity if you're worried it isn't flexible enough. A partner or a torso doll can serve as the exercise's object. They also help you keep your erection longer when you exercise your penis.

object of practice


Typical penis size

You must be particularly interested in this subject. What is the typical penis size, as men are generally concerned about penis length? For your reference, the following are some national average examples. In America, the penis measures 5.34 inches. In the UK, a penis is 5.16 inches long on average. Russia's average height is 5.2 inches. China's standard length is 5.14 inches. Do you wish to discover roughly how many nations have the most extended average lengths? The correct answer is Ecuador, with an average length of 6.93 inches.


How to Prevent Infections in the Penis

The skin and pubic hair of the penis are covered in a variety of flora. According to the research surface, the penis has 42 different types of bacteria, similar to a forest ecosystem. Your penis needs to be washed frequently to reduce the risk of fungal infections; daily washing will slow fungus growth like a forest needs moisture.

The most direct and efficient way to reduce your risk of contracting penile cancer and transmitting STDs is to remove your foreskin if you are concerned that these bacteria will harm your penis. After removing your foreskin, you can study the surface and significantly lower your risk of getting AIDS. Because doing so will prevent bacterial growth and protect your penis.


Ways to maintain a healthy penis

What can you do to maintain the health of your penis? Just continue to practice a few basic routines, and it's easy.

  • Regular exercise
  • Consume a balanced diet and a lot of water.
  • Every day, wash your penis
  • Quit smoking.
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Reduce your pressure

Your penis will grow tough and durable if you maintain these routines, as penis health can be seen with the naked eye. Like when something appears unhealthy, please do not ignore it and get medical help as soon as possible.


For your sexual health, use condoms



Many claim that using condoms during sexual activity makes the experience less enjoyable. But condoms serve more purposes than just birth control. There is no better way to prevent STIs than using condoms, which are still the sole practical method. Since there are numerous fungi in the penis, you should be aware that using condoms prevents the spread of STDs.

If you don't use a condom during a sexual encounter, your body and the other person's body will become infected with the fungus. Additionally, it is the way that STDs are spread. If you don't use condoms, you may experience mild itching and discomfort from STDs, and in more severe cases, you may contract HIV. Additionally, condoms can help you avoid unintended pregnancies because they are 85% efficient at preventing pregnancy. Remember that refusing to use a condom puts your sexual safety at risk and is a significant warning sign.


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