The most expensive sex dolls, the value showed in 5 spots!


Since sex toys can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you should usually plan your finances carefully before buying a sex doll. Typically, more expensive sex dolls or sex doll torsos are of higher quality, giving you a more thrilling and realistic sex experience.


Why are sex dolls or sex doll torsos expensive?


1. Raw material quality


Most sex dolls are made of high-quality silicone or TPE materials. These materials cost more than other inexpensive plastics but are safe and environmentally friendly. They also give sex dolls a more realistic look and feel. You can find realistic sex dolls made of these two materials in almost all price ranges.


2. Material dosage


When money is tight, it is usually preferable to purchase a mini sex doll or a sex doll torso with just one specific body part rather than a full-size cheap sex doll because the larger and heavier the beauty, the more materials are needed, and the higher the cost of creation.


3. Process cost


The quality of the craftsmanship also influences the cost of dolls; typically, the more realistically a sex doll resembles a real woman, the more real sex she will induce and the more expensive she will be.


4. Technology value


Adding amenities like heating, automatic cleaning, sound, and even artificial intelligence technology to sex dolls or sex doll torsos enhances the user experience. The more technological elements a beauty has, the more expensive the doll will be.


5. Customized service


Private customization of dolls is a popular value-added service offered by sellers of sex dolls. Customers can select the doll's hair color, eye color, skin tone, and ear shape and even alter it to resemble aliens or anime characters. Users can also select different breast sizes and conditions, and they can even find pregnant dolls.

The server may customize most of the sex dolls offered by Linkdolls. You can pay extra to acquire a special love doll companion who matches your preferences for a better sexual experience.


The most expensive sex doll torso

  1. Only the torso


Despite not having arms and legs like full-size sex dolls, love doll torsos are very popular and may give you an actual sexual experience. One of our greatest lifelike sex doll torsos features a waist barely 30 inches wide, a bust and hips over 40 inches long, a vagina that can store 15 cm of material, a tight anus that is 13 cm deep, and orgasmic holes in both places.

Despite the $800 price tag, the user experience is superb, the body contours and details are flawless, and the high-quality materials give her skin a realistic and smooth texture.

sex doll torso


2. Half-body toys


Even the most expensive version in the category, which costs $599, is not too expensive because sex torso toys that feature a portion of the body utilize relatively little material.

How are you going to resist the allure of those lovely long legs? She is an absolute doll, ideal for those who enjoy long legs and feet. The flexible skeleton inside her allows her to strike numerous sensual poses, and the close-fitting double-hole construction will give you plenty of orgasms.


sex doll feet


The most expensive sex doll


This gorgeous lady is the most elaborate and opulent sex doll in the Linkdolls store; she can undoubtedly be described as a high-class work of art. As a life-size sex doll, she uses the best natural materials to give her the appearance of a real woman.

She is flawless in artistry and design, like a lovely fairy who exists beyond time and space. If you are willing to pay more, you can also get value-added features like sound and automatic heating, which will make your sex experience more enjoyable. Her list price is $3,599.00, and in addition to the regular sex service, you can get customized services for precisely the details of your pupil color, skin tone, and breast size.



Why Linkdolls is worth choosing


Since we only work with the most dependable suppliers and offer the most excellent pricing, all of Linkdolls' sex dolls and sex doll torsos are incredibly affordable products. If you have any questions about us, please contact us.

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