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Sex doll torso blog

7 Minutes To Find The Optimum Male Torso Sex Doll

by AmandaAdams 20 Mar 2022

What is a sex doll torso/ male sex doll torso?

Most people are familiar with female sex dolls, which dominate the industry, whether regular dolls or regular torso dolls. FullsizeSexdoll is the most knowledgeable and friendly sexual class. He has a complete body, natural skin touch, adjustable joints, and features. The beautifully crafted adult toy costs thousands of dollars, require more storage space and is difficult to move to the bathroom when cleaning.
Many people favor torso sex toys for their high-cost performance and pleasant experience. The compact love doll torso is perfect for your budget and the best way to soothe your lost sex life due to the pandemic, the lost sexual care due to long-distance relationships, and the sadness caused by partner separation.

For women, the male sex doll torso can soothe life’s regrets, get a pleasant sexual experience, and promote women's mental health.The word "hysteria" was initially used to describe women's anxiety, mania, and other cognitive and behavioral disorders caused by their long-term unmet needs. Doctors treat women with fake orgasms.Do women now have to go through such hysterical moments again? Of course not! In this movement, the male sex doll can be a safe sex partner, and the male sex doll torso is at the top of the pack.

Male torso sex, with its big penis, sexy abs, and muscular pecs, is the latest sex doll trend. High quality sex doll let you spend the least money to give you the best sexual experience with a real man; you are free to pursue your sexual stimulation enjoy safe, private, pleasant sex.

Why should I choose a male sex doll torso?

"Women's sexuality tends to be multifaceted and fairly complicated," says sex psychologist Sheryl Kingsberg, Ph.D. "Although we would love to simplify it so we could have the one-two or even a one-punch treatment, it doesn't tend to work that way."Men can use sex toys sex doll torsos to enjoy happy sex.
Full-size sex doll has a wide variety of sexy and charming blondes, known for cute Japanese sex dolls, to meet the user's exceptional taste of unique modeling alien sex dolls, and so on. The regular sex doll torso, which is easier for men to find in adult stores, comes in various sizes and styles.

At the same time, the market will not have a double target situation. There are many male sex doll torsos in the market, different types, different skin tones to meet the needs of women. The male life sized sex doll torso can free your hands, feel the soft torso, and you can embrace your torso doll. Cuddling releases more oxytocin in your brain, making you happier during sex.
If it's your first time at the sexual wonderland, don't worry. The male sex doll torso will help you experience the most authentic sex and help you quickly relieve tension so that your body can safely arrive at another beautiful new world. Once you've experienced a male torso sex doll, you'll be able to find your posture and position more quickly when you're having sex with a real man to see how the male and female bodies fit together.

If you want more proof that a love doll torso is the best choice for sex, I've prepared a list of the most characteristic products that take you through all aspects of sex toys, including male sex doll torso, proving that both men and women are capable of great things. And you can choose your sex doll torso / male sex doll torso according to the needs of your hobbies.

The four most representative sex doll torsos:

#1  Curvy Lightweight 55cm Sex Doll Torso $239




Bust:23.33 inch
Shoulder:9.44 inch
Thighs width:9.05inch

1.Approaching real skin feel 
2.Double tunnel design, Vaginal and Anal sex is possible
3.Modeled after a woman. 
4.Material: Body Safe High-End TPR, stainless steel
5.Sex doll and get into every position 


Portable and easy-to-hide :The prevailing full-size doll on the market is around 80 pounds, while the prevailing torso is about 20 pounds. The lightweight, smaller male sex doll torso can save you a lot of cleaning and handling trouble. Like this one, the torso sex toy with a flat-back design has a built-in stainless-steel keel for good stability.
We also sell male masturbator.

You don't have to worry about her slipping when she should be on her feet. When not in use, she wears an invisibility cloak under your bed, in the corner of the closet. If you value the privacy of your sex life and don't want to be pry-talked about, torso love dolls will be at the top of your shopping cart because it doesn't take up much room and will protect you.

#2 Big Ass Torso With 3 Functions:Sucking&Vibration&Exhaust $599

Big Ass Torso With 3 Functions:Sucking&Vibration&Exhaust


Measurements Features

Leg Length:9.44 inch 

4.Plump Labia😍😍😍


Cost-effective multifunctional vibrating doll torso:When you go for a full-size doll, you often need to choose from various add-ons, such as hair, eyes, knuckles, etc., and a complete gorgeous sex toy can cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, our sex dolls are made from the world's top manufacturers and can last 3-5 years with proper maintenance.
The sex doll torso also adds some additional experiences. For example, this new torso sex toy for 2022 with vibration absorbability may be your best choice. Sex can be delightful for a few hundred dollars. 


#3Charming Abs And Big Hard Cock-Boys $279

Charming Abs And Big Hard Cock-Boys


Measurements Features

Penis Length:16cm

1.High-End TPR
2.Realistic bounce back and jiggle
3.Approaching real skin fee
4.Any position is possible


Orgasmic big cock doll torso: The best way to address your sexual needs is to go out and meet real men. But it's a significant risk. You can't guarantee that he has a healthy body, mature technique, or, most importantly, that he can give you an orgasm.
If you want to know your body better, try different positions to find the G-spot for your vagina and anus; opt for a male lifelike sex dolls torso. And your body will feel warmer and wetter than ever before.

Most male torso penis dolls come with a stainless-steel frame for high stability. Physical doll bones typically have 14 movable joints: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, knees, ankles, etc. Fingers are also made of wire into a universal bending phalanx. The actual situation depends on the last doll.
The range of joint motion can reach 85%-90% of the content of human joint motion. Therefore, the doll's movement is more flexible and can change various sexual positions you want, such as kneeling, back in, riding, etc., to have a more comfortable experience during sex.

#4 (16.1lb,53cm) Premium Shemale Boys $260

Premium Shemale -Boys/Male Sex Dolls Torso For Women

Measurements Features

Penis Length:17cm 

1.High-End TPR
2.Realistic bounce back and jiggle
3.Approaching real skin fee
4.Any position is possible


Shemale Doll Torso for Unique Fetishes: If you want to learn more about your uniqueness and enjoy your sex life without putting up with anyone's eyes, a male sex toy torso is the way. The average torso sex toy has no hands or feet. If you are a leg lover, you can choose the dildo with legs.
Of course, we also have the ladyboy style. There's a phallus underneath like this male sex doll torso, but there's also a soft female breast. It's easy to get tired if you buy a full-size Sexdoll. But male sex doll torso doesn't have a fixed look, and every time, you can play your favorite movie and create a different face to make you more involved in the sexual life.


What is the male sex doll torso made of?

 Like a full-size sex doll, a love doll torso has TPE and medical-grade silicone. Both materials are low-sensitivity materials and can be used safely.TPE is a soft and porous material that feels very similar to human skin. The male sex doll torso, made with TPE, has clear abdominal lines, precise contours and is realistic when stroked. The silicone doll is the evergreen sex toy, the most popular material before TPE.
Unlike TPE, silicone material has long been durable and non-porous. Medical-grade silicone, with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and coating added to the original base, gives you a more realistic feel and texture than a solid silicone doll. Both materials have their pros and cons.

  1. Touch: Silicone feels hard, while TPE feels very soft.TPE gets its softness from non-toxic, odorless mineral oil. Silicone can also be quite soft but at a much higher price.
  2. Weight: Silicone dolls of the same size will be heavier than TPE sex dolls, depending on the manufacturer’s technology level.
  3. Temperature resistance: Silicone has advantages over TPE in high-temperature resistance. Silicone temperature resistance is generally between 200 degrees ~300 degrees, and TPE in theory general TPE high-temperature resistance between 130-150 celsius degrees.
  4. Price: The silicone price is generally more than 30,000 pieces per ton, while the general TPE price is between 13,000-30,000, and TPE has the advantage in price.TPE can produce high-quality male sex doll torsos at a lower price.No matter what material, our dolls are free shipping.
  5. Odor: The best quality TPE will have a specific odor that will dissipate within a week of purchase. If a store claims that its TPE doll does not smell, do not believe it!
  6. Recycling: TPE is a recyclable material. If you choose an informal shop, you may buy a secondary production of TPEtorso dildo. Silicone is not recyclable. If you are worried about purchasing the male sex doll torso of the secondary output, I suggest you buy the silicone one.

    How to maintain and refresh your male sex doll torso?

    Male torso sex, like full-size sex toys, needs to be cleaned before and after use. If not cleaned promptly, bacteria and microorganisms can increase, leading to infection, and your dildo sex doll smell can be very disgusting.TPE and silicone male torso love dolls use the same cleaning method. It would help if you had antibacterial soap (or toy cleaner), warm water, and a towel as easy as that.

    The male sex doll torso has a hole in its back, designed to simulate a natural person while allowing the toy to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. If your torso doll is TPE, it is best to keep the water temperature within 40 degrees (when you take a shower) and no more than 65 degrees—using hot water over 65 degrees for a long time to clean your TPE torso sex doll may cause damage.
    Silicone mini sex doll is more heat resistant than TPE, but hot water should still be avoided. Avoid completely immersing the torso in water to prevent invisible holes from being improperly cleaned. When wiping, smoothly wipe with a towel.

    After cleaning, consider wiping your torso sex toy with talcum powder, cornstarch, or baby powder. These powders are the best choice for TPE and silicone sex dolls. After using the powder, your male sex doll torso will have a new look.

    How to store: Make sure your is completely dry before storing it. If you're not a frequent user, sprinkle talcum powder or baby powder every two weeks to avoid dampness.

    Most stores will provide special boxes for sex dolls storage. This sex doll torso is so tiny that you don't have to worry about space or hide it. The male sex doll torso doesn't fit in a drawer or bag like the fake male dildo, but it only needs a small corner of your closet or under your bed. Be careful not to store your love doll torso in a warm place (high temperatures can damage the material) but in a cool corner.

    Other Questions:

    1. Do I need to use lubricant?

    Not if your vagina is wet enough. But if your vagina is very dry, a water-based lubricant is recommended. If your male sex doll torso is made of TPE or silicone, avoid using oils. It will damage the doll’s internal material structure.
    Water-based lubricants do not react with TPE and silicone and are safe in all cases.

    1. Do I need a condom?

    This is a personal choice. Both TPE and silicone are hypersensitive materials that do not cause allergic reactions when they directly contact the skin. I do not recommend sharing your male sex doll torso with others as there is a risk of contracting STD and gynecological diseases.
    Of course, if you want to share, it's safer to use a condom. Correct use of condoms can prevent HIV infection 98% to 99% of the time.
    Relevant research shows that using condoms increases by 20%, the infection rate of gonorrhea will decrease by 62%, and genital chlamydia infection will decrease by 26%. When the frequency of condom use approached 100 percent, the overall STD infection rate was reduced by more than half. In addition, condoms help keep your torso sex doll clean and save cleaning time after use.

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