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Sex doll torso blog

Top 7 best sex doll torsos in 2024

by JimRay 05 May 2022

Jim Ray

Hi, I'm the author of this post, and I have been in this field for more than 5 years. If you have any questions about sex dolls, I can answer them for free in 24 hours.
What Is a Sex Doll Torso?

The sex doll torso includes the essential parts of full-size dolls. You can choose the torso for what you love. It can be selected just the big round ass and vagina or large breasts and a dildo.
Most torso dolls weigh only a quarter of the full-size dolls for weight. It is much easier to store and clean a torso.
A male doll torso has sculpted pecs, abs, and a plump ass that feel as soft as human skin. Also, the charming part is a giant dildo, which can be adjusted for different positions; you can do it in other places.
The female torso is equipped with beautiful soft huge breasts, which can be customized to any size you want. Her body has a seductive waist, back lines, and a gorgeous, smooth, elastic ass. A full-size beauty doll can cost thousands of dollars with additional options like eyes and hair, but a regular torso costs a few hundred dollars and has the pipedream extreme you want.

Although it is just a torso doll, most dolls will be equipped with a stainless-steel frame and high stability. The doll’s skeleton usually has 14 movable joints: the waist, shoulders, and ankles. Fingers are also made of wire into flexible phalanges. The actual situation depends on the last doll.
The range of joint motion can reach 85% to 90% of the content of human joint motion. Therefore, the doll’s movement swings more flexibly; you can change various sexual positions you want, such as kneeling, forward, back in, riding, etc., to have a more exciting experience in sex.

Why Choose a Sex Doll Torso?

 If you're tired of having sex with a sex doll with the same face every day, try a sex doll torso with various stimulation. A sex doll torso offers the following benefits:

Reason 1: A good sex torso can help you perform better in real sex. Because you don't have the budget, you've been using masturbation cups or male masturbators, not a real doll. How can you satisfy your lover in real sex? How do you know which position you like and how long you have endurance?

Benefit 2: Masturbating regularly will help you perform better on Game Day. Numerous medical studies have shown that handjobs can build your sexual stamina and help you enjoy a more rounded sex life. When using your real doll, it is training on your dildo to cooperate with your body, Your favorite sex rhythm. For girls, masturbation can relieve stress, reduce menstrual cramps, and help them sleep better. 

Benefits 3: It can effectively reduce the risk of STD and HIV/AIDS infection. Some people like to go out and have sex for their physical needs, putting them at risk for HIV/AIDS and STDS. Using condoms is an excellent way to prevent HIV infection in 98 to 99 percent of cases. Relevant research shows that the frequency of using condoms increases by 20%, and the infection rate of sexually transmitted diseases will decrease by 62%.
But condoms can take a toll on your sex life. Try a torso if condoms aren't your thing and you're into uninhibited sex.
Get rid of a condom! It touches like a natural person, giving you the best sex ever! Below we have prepared nine classic sex torsos. There is always one for you!

7 best sex doll torsos

501 Best Realistic BBW Sex Doll Torso

Introduction: If you are fond of sexy plus and plump women, I highly recommend this BBW sex doll torso. Unlike the petite, slim torso, this one is designed with big curves, large breasts, a soft and bouncy ass, and a realistic vagina. It's not fat accumulation.
You can customize the size of your beloved boobs, whether you prefer an E-cup or F-cup.
In addition to the real soft chest, this doll torso has a realistically sculpted vagina and anus. You can put a dildo inside and feel a tight virgin vagina.
The highlight is a super-large, shapely, and bouncy ass. If you want to try anal sex, her butt can wrap around your dildo. It can be one ultimate sexual experience you have ever tried!
Best Realistic BBW Sex Doll Torso


Height: 42 cm/16.53.’’

Weight: 11.5kg/25.35lb

Full Bust: 62cm/24.4’’

Hips: 92cm/36.22’’

Waist: 25cm/9.84’’

Big Breast ️ Not slim
Bouncy Ass Cleaning needs more time
Adjust to different sex positions No flat shoulder and back
Not so heavy! 




TPR/TPE Material: Non-Allergy!

Vagina and Anal Opening!

Insertable Length 8 Inches!

Good for Front Sex, Back Sex, and Doggy Style!


BBW does not conform to the mainstream social aesthetic. She does not have a slender waist, but the beauty of her body will attract you. You'll be more aroused and enjoy sex with larger breasts and asses. For $300, you get the best sex ever.
With your careful care, such a perfect sex doll can last 3-5 years. If you don't have enough budget and like a BBW sex toy torso, go for this one!


539 Sucking&Vibration&Exhaust Big Ass Sex Doll Torso


This is a newly launched sex toy torso! You should not miss it! Although she only has a large round ass, it can mainly satisfy your sudden sexual desire.
This one combines the masturbation cup and the classic vibration and sucking functions. After a long day at work, cozy sex with this doll torso will soothe your tired body and soul.
We have two types for this sex doll torso; you can choose the front sex, back sex, doggy style, and anal sex. The torso uses a magnetic USB design so that you can charge it conveniently and quickly. If you like the thrill of the masturbation cup and still want the natural feel of your skin, try this one immediately!
This sex torso has the role of automatic cleaning. It will involuntarily discharge the semen, effectively saving your time. You can watch an adult movie and try different poses. At the same time, we are equipped with remote control. You can choose the desired sucking, vibration, and exhaust modes.
The sucking function is like that of the masturbation cup, but the built-in vagina is very realistic, and the firming sensation will help you reach the peak faster. Please feel free to adjust the frequency of the vibration pattern until it matches your rhythm.

Sucking&Vibration&Exhaust Big Ass Sex Doll Torso

Easy to clean! Need to be charged
Vibration function! Small volume
Sucking Function! Only butt, no boobs
Exhausting Function! Expensive than the regular torso


Can’t be in the water directly!

USB Port Charging!

TPR/TPE Material: Non-Allergy!

Vagina and Anal Opening!

Insertable Length 8 Inches!

Excellent for Front Sex, AnalSex, and Doggy Style!


The power interface can not touch the water to avoid leakage! 


 This sex torso, combined with a masturbation cup, is a brand-new sexual experiment. Whether you are a novice or an expert player, this one will give you a different sexual life! This time, you can free your hands, not only during sex but also during cleaning. But regular maintenance is necessary because you don't want to be with this cute love toy for only a short time.
You can use warm water to clean and gently wipe away from the charging port when cleaning. Although the torso sex toy is small, it is heavy enough to indicate that the buttocks feel soft and simulate the touch of a human to the maximum extent. It owns a compact but outstanding performance. Whether you pay attention to the process and the feeling, it can meet your needs!

Now there is another feature that not only has an ordinary torso: big breasts and a big butt; it satisfies multi-channel sex, and still has high-tech features. Click to view(The video is as follows)


519 Curvy Lightweight 55cm Sex Doll Torso&Plump Breasts&Large Round Nipples


This is a comprehensive torso doll with a slender waist, super soft chest, realistic vagina, and tight anus. She’s a lot like your school goddess, tall and toned.
The abdominal line and tight and slender waistline are TPR which feels like a real woman. You can't miss the soft and natural feel. In addition, sexy backline and waistline collocation with fascinating peach buttocks are temptations you cannot resist. The joints have a stainless-steel keel, weighing just 18 pounds.
And you can have sex with her anywhere -- in bed, on the couch, or in the bathtub. The inside of her vagina is full of folds, so you can dive in and feel more authentic sexual stimulation while releasing yourself better. A tight anus will allow you to focus on orgasm faster and more realistically if you're into doggy style. For less than $300, you can have sex with the goddess of your dreams.
Curvy Lightweight 55cm Sex Doll Torso&Plump Breasts&Large Round Nipples


Height: 55 cm/21.65.’’

Weight: 9.2kg/20.28 lb

Full Bust: 59cm/23.22.’’

Waist: 42cm/16.53’’

Slender sexy Not large size
Comprehensive sex torso Cleaning needs more time.
Adjust to different sex positions No flat shoulder and back
Not so heavy! Need the water-based lubricant




TPR/TPE Material: Non-Allergy!

Vagina and Anal Opening!

Insertable Length 8 Inches!

Excellent for Front Sex, AnalSex, and Doggy Style!

Stable Stainless-Steel Joints


This is the one that won’t dissatisfy you. If you're trying a sex doll torso for the first time, it will meet the imagination of a sex doll. She is the type that most men will love and has the same body as Black Widow.
But she won't resist your desire to dig deeper. The stainless-steel keel is designed to fit any position you want.
It's waterproof, and you want to have sex with her in the bathtub. Perfectly sculpted waistline, belly line, and backline, designed on a human scale to bring you more realistic sexual stimulation. The classic doll torso will never go out of style. You may be attracted to the new product, but there will always be a place in your heart for her.


506 Big Boobs And Juicy Ass Life Size Sex Torso With Slim Figure,Real Vagina & Anal Doll Torso


This sex torso is the heaviest, most realistic, and life-like sex doll torso in our shop. She represents the best quality torso, impeccable in material, curve, function, etc. The sex doll has the most realistic vagina and anus. All will satisfy you, whether front sex, back sex, or side sex.
The waistline and the natural person girl that likes fitness are identical, still, be a very soft touch, backline design even increased scapula, those who want bone feeling beauty you can sigh at her this detailed design indeed.
Another design highlight is the vast, perfectly soft breasts that you can suck and knead without distorting. Firm breasts allow for quick orgasms during happy sex. Full hips have the same soft touch as breasts. Round and plump buttocks, kneading without worrying about leaving marks.
This one weighs about 89 pounds, which is heavier than the regular one. But trust me, it's worth every penny! When you hold her soft breasts and tight, plump hips, you must forget that this is a doll!

Big Boobs And Juicy Ass Life Size Sex Torso With Slim Figure,Real Vagina & Anal Doll Torso

Very lifelike touch Expensive
Life-size Cleaning needs more time.
Perfect soft breasts Heavy




TPR/TPE material: non-allergy!

Vagina and anal opening!

Insertable length 8 inches!

Excellent for front sex, anal sex, and doggy style!


This top-level sex doll torso is suitable for novice and expert players. If you are using this doll torso for the first time, you can enjoy the most authentic and enjoyable sex. Get it early and enjoy it early!
If you've tried multiple sex toys before, this one will refresh your view of sex dolls. Whether the material or the touch, it is the top-level.
So, the price will be higher than the conventional sex doll torso. You will get what you pay for. And if you choose this torso that costs twice as much as a regular one, you'll have sexual life twice as good.
If you can afford it, give yourself a great gift. Your body has been waiting a long time!

Male Sex Doll Torso

There is a wide range of male sex doll torsos available for women of different skin styles. Male sex torso can free your hands; you can rely on him and embrace him. Cuddling releases more oxytocin in your brain; it will make you happier during sex. If it's your first time masturbating yourself, don't worry!
The male torso will help you experience the most authentic sex and help you quickly relieve tension so that your body can safely arrive at another beautiful new sex world. Once you've encountered him, you'll be able to find your beloved posture and G-spot more quickly when you're having sex with a real man to see how the male and female bodies fit together.

528 Black Big Coke Male Sex Dolls Torso For Women


This product is the evergreen tree of male sex dolls, and most girls will order this model when they buy torso dolls for the first time. He has the perfect boyfriend body of your dreams, with eight-pack abs, charming pecs, and a sculpted waistline. The difference is that David's dildo is naturally drooping and challenging for new beginners to access.
But this male sex doll torso’s dildo can be adjusted freely, making it easier for you to try different poses. The 18cm dildo, which is comparable to David’s, will help you find your G-spot faster and make you feel what it's like to have sex with a real man.
Full abs can bring you the most intuitive sexual stimulation, coupled with soft, huge can adjust different angles of the dildo. The perfect boyfriend must be him! Another good thing about the torso is that it's very light, only 15 pounds.
So, you can lift it easily, and the flat back is designed to be stable and not slip off. If you like the feeling of a big dildo filling your body, this one is for you!
As the first male torso of sexual initiation, he would be a competent sexual initiation teacher. In conjunction with your favorite adult movies, you can ride on his body to release your crazy sexual desire. Who said that girls could not please themselves!


It also comes in black, so you can get one and try it if you like the big black dildo. The black body reveals more graceful lines, adding more texture to the abs, pecs, and buttocks. If you prefer a black torso sex toy, this one will be the one you want to keep and use often.
Classic styles tend to last longer. Whether it's white or black, it's straightforward to clean. There's a small hole in the back so you can drain water when you clean. Don’t worry about the cleaning process; it can be effortless and high-efficiency using this sex doll torso!
Black Big Coke Male Sex Dolls Torso For Women


Height: 52cm/20.47’’

Weight : 7kg/15.4 lb

Shoulder: 36cm

Dildo girth:3.5cm

Dildo length: 18cm

Large dildo Too light
Easy to clean Intense penetration
Color diversity



TPR/TPE material: non-allergy!

Big dildo

Excellent for front sex, anal sex, and doggy style!


Most female masturbation products are only fake dildos with no additional design, which can get boring over time. If you want a more realistic feel and don't want to give up the big dildo, try this dildo torso! The 18cm dildo is always erect, and you can enjoy the natural body.
If you have a partner, sharing can also spice things up. If you're a newcomer, the torso is more traditional but has a more humane design than the old masturbators. This is the first forbidden apple for Shava, and then, you're opening the door to a beautiful, natural sexual world. As the first stop, please start your adventure journey!

530 Black Big Cock Male Sex Dolls &Torso For Women


If you like full hips and giant dildos and are looking for convenient and straightforward sex life, this mini male sex doll torso is what you need. Unlike the regular torso, this one focuses on the butt and dildo. A full, rounded butt is often more attractive than abs for women. Although he is only 11 pounds,

But most of the weight is on the hips. You can imagine how soft and juicy the hips feel. To match this plump butt, it’s an oversized and large 20cm dildo. While kneading the buttocks, this giant dildo can reach your G-spot and satisfy your soul and body.
It's smaller and lighter than a regular male torso, but it solves your essential needs. It is easy to clean and requires less storage space. Whether a woman lives alone or lives with her family, the security of privacy is significantly increased. This one also comes in various skin colors; you can choose your favorite skin, and there is always one that will capture your heart.
Black Big Cock Male Sex Dolls &Torso For Women


Height: 28cm/11’’

Weight:5kg/11 lb

Dildo girth:4cm

Dildo length: 20cm

Large dildo Intense penetration
Convenient cleaning Not a complete torso
Easy to use




TPR/TPE material: non-allergy

Big dildo girth

Suitable for front sex, anal sex, and doggy style!


If you are a woman who values efficiency and value for money, this torso with only a butt and dildo will be your first choice. This love doll torso moves more flexibly. It can be used in any sex position you want, such as doggy style, rear-entry, riding, etc., making it happier during sex.
He is small enough to fit in your closet. The big dildo torso can fill your body and satisfy your sexual needs anytime and anywhere. You can create different sexual positions for a unique sexual experience you love, whether a novice player or an expert player!

531 Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso


Everyone's sexual orientation deserves respect. We have prepared this male sex torso for those with a sexual hobby. Not only did he have a big dildo, but he had beautiful big breasts. This real doll has a C-cup chest, the size just like most ordinary women.
The chest line is smooth, like the gentle touch of real women who can not resist. The dildo is perfect for your particular desire, holding a soft chest while swiveling 360 degrees and penetrating your body in any position. You can get to the G-spot quickly, enjoy pleasing yourself, and explore your own body.
The torso is so soft that it can be folded and stored without distortion. Your unique sexual hobby can create a fantastic sexual process. Your family and friends may not understand this, but we know you, so we designed this product. You can own it for less than $300.Only 7.3kg, why don’t you come and have fun with him!
Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso


Height:  53cm/20.1’’

Weight:7kg/12.1 lb



Dildo length:17cm/6.7’’

Large breast Can’t customize the breast size
Can be folded Careful cleaning
Very light



TPR/TPE material: non-allergy

Large breasts

Suitable for front sex, anal sex, and doggy style!


This product innovatively combines large boobs with big dildos. And there's no doubt that it's a genius creation. The only thing to be picky about is that there aren't many skin colors to choose from and breast sizes.
But this is still a torso doll worth purchasing. This male sex doll torso weighs very light, and you can play it differently to unlock more sex gestures. Well worth trying!

How to choose?

Choose the material you can accept:

 All sex dolls can be made from TPE, silicone, and TPR. These are low-sensitivity materials that can be used safely.TPE and TPR are both thermoplastic rubbers of the same species. Both are soft and porous materials that feel very similar to human skin.
The sex doll torsos are made from TPE and TPR. They have a detailed abdominal line that is clear and realistic when stroked. But the cleaning is more troublesome; porous material needs more gentleness.
TPE and TPR are only slightly different. TPR feels softer, and TPE is less prone to yellowing. Silicone is the most popular material before TPE.
Unlike TPE, buyers have long favored silicone for its durability and non-porosity. Both materials have advantages that you like and disadvantages you can’t bear.

Choose a reasonable weight:

The perfect sex doll torso needs to match your weight and can adapt to your sex rhythm. While tight sex dolls are a great experience, opt for a giant sex doll that fits your body if you have more critical requirements. A perfect torso should be 20 %to 30 % of your weight. And it will be much easier when you have sex or carry it.
Of course, if you go for the same proportions as real people. The heavier the sex torso is, the more it feels like a real person. This weight is wholly ignored when you're immersed in sex with a life-size sex doll.

Choose the openings you like:

The openings are an essential feature of the torso. Most women have a vagina and anus on their torso. The inside of the vagina is designed with realistic folds, and some of the vaginae can hold an 8-inch dildo. You can also choose your size.
It can be too deep or too short. You will have more sex positions to explore your vagina. The hole’s grith is usually 1 or 2 inches and is suitable for most men. While male torso sex toys should pay attention to the length of the dildo. 21 cm is a perfect length.
But if you can't get used to this depth or prefer a small dildo, you can opt for a smaller torso. Don't go for a long, big dildo! What suits you is the best!
Also, look carefully for the appearance of the vagina, anus, or testicles when selecting a torso. If the torso can do poorly with this detail, you don't have to consider the other things. If there is an option that allows you to customize a perfect vagina or anus, I suggest you take it to the next level of your sexual life!


How to clean it?

It is like a sex toy that needs to be cleaned before and after use. If not cleaned promptly, the mucus produced during sex can stick to the doll and rapidly grow bacteria and microorganisms, leading to a significant risk of infection. At the same time, these microorganisms can produce a particularly unpleasant smell that is difficult to dissipate in a short period.TPE, TPR, and silicone sex doll torsos use the same cleaning method.
If your torso doll is TPE, it is best to keep the water temperature within 40 degrees (when you take a shower) and no more than 65 degrees—using hot water over 65 degrees for a long time to clean the sex torso may cause damage. The silicone sex doll torso has good heat resistance than TPE, but hot water should still be avoided. When wiping, gently wipe with a towel.

How to maintain it?

After cleaning, consider wiping your sex torso with talcum powder, cornstarch, or baby powder. These powders are the best choice for TPE and silicone sex dolls. After using the powder, your torso dolls will have a new look.
Make sure the torso is completely dry before storage. If you're not a frequent user, sprinkle talcum powder or baby powder every two weeks to avoid dampness.
We will provide special boxes for this torso sex doll storage. Please be careful not to keep your torso in a warm place but in a cool corner. At the same time, please do not directly put heavy weight on the sex torso for a long time because it will damage the designed shape of the doll.

How long does it last in regular maintenance?

Although TPE, TPR, and silicone are more durable materials, but not in permanent use. Under proper maintenance, maintain 3-5 years of everyday use without problems. After 3-5 years, we will undoubtedly launch a new love doll torso for you to choose from.

How and how long will it take?

Your order is entirely private, and we will carefully ship your sex torso doll using unique private packaging. Your neighbors won't know what you're buying, and the packaging won't display the product information. It may take 3-5 days for transportation in the US, but other areas need 6-7days.

Are lubricants and condoms necessary?

When using the sex torso, if your vagina is moist enough, you don't need lubricant. But if your vagina is very dry, a water-based lubricant is recommended. Water-based lubricants do not react with TPE, TPR, and silicone.
Water is safe in all cases. There are realistic folds inside the vagina and anus when using your female sex doll torso. If you use lubricant, it will help you get into her body and enhance your sex life.

All TPE, TPR, and silicone are hypersensitive materials that do not cause allergic reactions when directly exposed to the skin. We do not recommend sharing your sex doll with others as there is a risk of STD and HIV.
Of course, if you want to share, it's safer to use a condom. Correctly using condoms can prevent HIV infection 98% to 99%. When the frequency of condom use approached 100 percent, the overall STD infection rate fell by more than half. In addition, condoms help keep your torso clean and save cleaning time after use.

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